wine media quotes:

in 2014, daniel vollenweider did a great job. his rieslings are extremely clean and shiny—all but self-evident in this rot-stamped vintage. the dry bottlings make for 60 % of the production. the ›wolfer‹ riesling is amazingly playfull, tender and dense all at once, and lasts very long. the ›goldgrube‹ grosses gewächs and the ›steffensberg‹ are nice examples for the potential of dry mosels to stand up against more southern competitors: with lots unique charakter and strenght tied to the valley’s signature tenderness. of the late edition 2013s, the ›schimbock‹ takes the first place—it’s a dense, full-bodied and demanding riesling. the sweet growths from 2104 are fantastic once again, with the kabinett possibly being the most impressive: extremely refined whilst amiably luscious.

2014 Riesling Felsenfest trocken 86 P
2014 Wolfer Riesling trocken 89 P
2014 Kröver Steffensberg Riesling trocken 91 P
2014 Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling »Großes Gewächs« 91 P
2013 Riesling Schimbock trocken 90 P
2014 Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Kabinett 91 P
2014 Kröver Steffensberg Riesling Spätlese 91 P
2014 Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Spätlese 92 P

›gault millau‹ 2015 (translated)

»the estate has added a new wine to its portfolio, a dry riesling from its holdings in the Kröver Steffensberg. besides this, it produced its usual portfolio of wines which does not include anything above spätlese {this year}, given daniel’s decision to discard all botrytis affected grapes. this grandiose collection is possibly the most accomplished ever by this estate. all wines are models of Mosel classicism with bright fruits, gorgeously juicy acidity (with more charm than 2013) and no undue power or weight. the ruthless selections of daniel vollenweider handsomely paid out. all wines are highly recommended!«

›mosel fine wines‹ #28, June 2015 — on the 2014 vintage

»a simple glance at the extremely low yield of just 1800 liters per hektar unveils the enormous efforts daniel vollenweider made during the rainy 2013 harvest. {…} the goldgrube kabinett is refreshing, crisp and very appealing. the steffensberg spätlese is reminiscent of agrumi, its goldgrube counterpart is of a thoroughly noble appearance. the crown on this vintage’s impressive range is the auslese gold capsule with its highly refined bortrytis aspects. vollenweider dry wines are usually bottled late in the year that follows the harvest. so, we were able to taste two 2012 wines as well, with the ›schimbock‹ having the edge this time. it is a riesling of great precision and lenghts, boasting with slate notes and minerality.«

›gault millau‹ 2014 (translated)

2013 vollenweider wolfer goldgrube riesling auslese gold capsule — 96 points

2013 vollenweider riesling spätlese ›schimbock‹ — 95 points

2013 vollenweider wolfer goldgrube riesling spätlese — 93+  points

2013 vollenweider riesling ›schimbock‹ — 92  points

2013 vollenweider kröver steffensberg riesling spätlese — 92  points

2013 vollenweider wolfer goldgrube riesling kabinett — 91+  points

2013 vollenweider goldgrube riesling — 91  points

2013 vollenweider riesling ›wolfer‹ — 90+  points

2013 vollenweider riesling ›felsenfest‹ — 89  points

›the wine advocate‹ / robert parker — 2014