a winery well aware of moselle traditions, we exclusively offer riesling wines, though in the full range of flavours, from dry (trocken) to noble sweet (edelsüß). currently they come from three sites: the wolfer goldgrube (our primary vineyard), the monopole schimbock and the kröver steffensberg.

our dry wines are labelled according to the now widespread international convention as estate wine, ›village‹ wine and grand cru / single vinyard wine; the sweet growths are graded in accordance with the traditional german wine classification system. the qualities actually produced in a vintage depend on a number of particular circumstances—there may not be every variant of our wine available every year, and exceptions can certainly happen; nature always has the last word.

the aging of the wines takes place extremely gently, with as little intervention in the natural processes as possible and without fining. therefore, all our products are vegan.

in normal years, we offer the following:


  • ›felsenfest‹ — our estate wine; a high-quality, high-standard wine for every day, typical of the variety and with refined mineral notes; a versatile wine at the table, very popular in gastronomy.
  • ›wolfer‹ — our ›village‹ wine; ideally reflects the flavour profile of growths from the sites facing the village of Wolf on the opposite, steep side of the valley. with elegant, lasting fruit, delicately balanced, and showing intense mineral lower harmonics. a discerning accompaniment to meals with quite some years of ageing potential.
  • grand crus — the ›goldgrube‹, the ›steffensberg‹ and the ›schimbock‹the ›Goldgrube‹ grand cru comes from the best plots and oldest vines (up to 100 years old!) of the Wolfer Goldgrube and is literally the quintessencial wine of this slope; with a rich spectrum of flavors that include tropical hints, it is complex, deep and focused. it boasts a remarkable mineralic backbone and a great ageing potential.
    the ›steffensberg‹ from the eponymous kröv district site is a little more restrained than the ›goldgrube‹, and is distinguished by a fine, almost herby piquancy.

    the ›schimbock‹ comes from a vineyard of the same name some way downriver of the goldgrube site and is more traditional in style, with a spicey yeastiness, emphazising on depths, and with a little more restrained fruitiness.

    these single vineyard wines will usually be dry, but may vary depending on the year. sometimes they also result in off-dry. we pay less attention to analytical data than to when the vine reaches its perfect balance, being just complete.

  • kabinett: delicious fruity riesling from the Wolfer Goldgrube. intense yet inimitably elegant, easy, yet substantial, almost as refreshing and clear as a mountain creek—Moselle as its best and most typical, with the vineyard’s characteristics well carved out. These wines have an excellent ageing potential and will become more refined from year to year; with 10+ things will become really exciting here.
  • spätlese: available from the Wolfer Goldrube and usually the Kröver Steffensberg. perhaps the category that most clearly brings out the individualities and idiosyncrasies of grape and vineyard—especially when matured, which could easily be for 15 years or more. made from fully ripened grapes, spätlese wines make an excellent companion to Asian-inspired dishes, whose aromas and sharpness they easily stand next to and play with like no other wine in the world. fully aged vintages fit well with savory cheese dishes.

  • auslese: these are made out of extremely ripe grapes touched by the noble rot bortrytis. This fungus makes the grape skins porous, the internal liquids evaporate causing a natural concentration of flavors while still on the vine. these are very intense wines with a great potential for ageing and evolving. they go well as a festive wine or aperitif, but will shine with roast goose or game when aged. we have them almost any year from the Wolfer Goldrube, and time and again, from the Kröver Steffensberg. the latter will remain a bit more fruity and slender, typical of the vineyard, whilst the Goldgrube growths keep their spicy character.auslese wines that we find stand out will be bottled seperately and given a gold capsule to mark their extraordinary level.
  • beerenauslese and trockenbeerenauslese: in certain years, when the weather has been favorably dry, the berries affected by the noble rot in the Wolfer Goldgrube will dry into beautiful raisins. with these we will produce these remarkably intense delicacies. they are suitable as an accompaniment to many desserts, or as a direct substitute for one. The flavors range from dried fruits (apricot) to honey and coffee notes. the older they grow, the more refined they will be—and these wines’ longevity is virtually unlimited! trockenbeerenauslese wines are made from raisin berries meticulously selected by hand from pre-selected grapes (the autumnal, music-powered ›selection nights‹ in our cellars are almost legendary …)