starting from little more than 2.5 acres in the Wolfer Goldgrube, the winery has now grown to a coverage of approximately 12.4 acres. all the vineyards are steep slate slopes. we have a considerable stock of old ungrafted vines which are more than 80 years old. The vines are cultivated organically according to the eu-eco guidelines (vo(eg)nr. 2018/848). when planting new vines, we prefer and ensure high density planting.

individual vineyards:

this is the vineyard where our story began, where Daniel Vollenweider bought and leased his first pieces of land back in 1999. nowadays, ›Wolfer Goldgrube‹ and ›vollenweider estate‹ are considered almost synonymous by wine lovers—which is no small thing to be proud of … in this vineyard, you will find our oldest vines. as by today, we maintain 12.85 acres of the site’s 18.5 acres total.

the Goldrube gives the wines an intense, playful and spicy flavor, occasionally showing almost tropical notes, plus a substantial minerality. they often need some time to fully open up. the slope’s soil is largely made up of gray slate, with some veins of an almost reddish variety. the slope’s south to west orientation ensures a long ripening period, which encourages a great building up of flavor. outcrops, steep sides and dry stone walls create additional heat storage, further reinforcing the areas ability to push the ripening process.

a completely enclosed vineyard facing west is situated approximately 400 m downstream from the Goldrube. we have been managing this vineyard since 2005. this site’s wines emphasize —let’s say— ›earthy‹ aspects, show more mineral depth and focus on texture rather than boasting pure fruit. The vines here grow on a variety of gray to gray-blue slate.

this almost 1.3 acre site has what could be described as having a careless artfulness about it. with mighty, skillfully curved drystone walls and surrounded by imposing steep slate cliffs it is downright stunning to look at.

so far, we have been unable to unearth any information to explain the idiosyncratic name despite intensive research. however, we are deeply happy about its undeniable uniqueness and the fact that it is now associated exclusively with our winery.

when thinking of the Kröv village and its wines, for many, it will be the infamous ›nacktarsch‹ that comes to mind. though with a bit of luck these wines can be at least decent and appealing, some of the village’s sites can do far better! particularly the Steffenberg, of which we manage 1.3 acre: upriver from the Wolfer Goldgrube, this is a magnificent south east to east facing vineyard with deep, gray, slate ground. having a good water supply, it makes for wines that are usually a bit more fruity and elegant, and more accessible when young than those of the goldrube. they come with with a fine, herbaceous aroma, a beautiful ripe acidity and great clarity.

the relatively open terrain ensures very healthy grapes year by year. that we also have a grand cru wine made from this site in 2014, clearly shows what value we place on this vineyard.